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Aesthetic Zone is committed to providing our clients with high-quality service. Our hands-on, knowledgeable staff each have 10 to 30 years of experience in the industry. You can count on quality service and satisfaction.


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  • BOTOX AND FILLERS: Botox is a prescription medicine that is given by a cosmetic dermatologist into muscles. Fillers are used to improve the look of moderate to severe facial lines for women and men.
  • MICRODERMABRASION: This is a gentle resurfacing of the skin. It clears pores, irregular pigmentation and softens lines caused by aging and sun thus leaving skin soft and refreshed.
  • NON-SURGICAL FACE LIFTS: This is a powerful anti aging procedure to balance the blood, lymps and firm the skin.
  • PHOTO FACIAL: Light energy is applied to stimulate collagen production. This results in smooth texture, reduced freckles, spider veins, rosacea and sun damage.
  • BREAST FIRMING: Active ingredients as Sarsasapogenin are used to promote an increase in fatty tissue to round out the bust contour.
  • ELECTROLYSIS: This procedure removes hair at the follicle thus permanently eliminating hair regrowth.
  • NUTRIONIST: You are provided with various healthy options that will aid in getting you back to your desired weight.
  • SLIMMING AND BALANCING WRAPS: Excess fluids and toxins are removed thru the lymphatic system. It is designed for the release of energy blocks and restores equilibrium in the body. Excellent for people that are lacking in energy, want to quit smoking or change their body contour.
  • HOLISTIC MASSAGE: A unique energy massage that works on the meridians, lypmphatics and muscles for the harmony of body and mind.
  • ACUPUNCTURE: Needles are inserted into different parts of the body to suppress appetite and increase the metabolic rate.
  • HAIR REMOVAL: Fast, effective and painless removal of all unwanted hair.
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  • EPILFREE: Is a unique, natural & worldwide-patented product for lasting hair removal. It is effective on all ages, all hair types(dark, white, blond, red & baby hairs) and any skin colour (dark, tan, white). No side effects and pain free.
  • LUMISLIM: Non-Invasive (No needles, no incisions, no wounds or scars). Immediate Results (Visible results after first treatment). Pain-Free Treatment (No pain is felt during or after. Side effects are rare, but may include temporary skin discolouration or bruising at treatment site). No Downtime (Resume normal activities). No Dieting Required (Have a healthy and well-balanced diet in conjuction with lumislim treatments to achieve optimal results). Long-lasting Natural Looking Results.
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